CDM Advisor

A CDM Advisor (Construction, Design and Management Advisor) provides advice and guidance on health and safety matters related to construction projects. The CDM Advisor is appointed by any of the duty holders to assist with the preparation of health and safety documentation, and to provide ongoing support throughout the project.

Avoid the costly downtime of prohibition notices or redesigns by ensuring you meet your legal responsibilities

The CDM Advisor will assist in ensuring that the project is being carried out in compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM Regulations) and other relevant legislation. This may involve providing guidance on the appointment of the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, and ensuring that all relevant parties are aware of their health and safety obligations.

The role of the CDM Advisor is not a legally defined role, but rather a title that is often used by consultants who provide advice on health and safety matters on construction projects.


We will help you with:

  • The understanding of your responsibilities
  • Providing project-specific health and safety advice
  • The allocation of sufficient time and resources
  • Undertake a GAP Analysis of the information currently available for the project
    and advise if any additional surveys / information required.
  • Ensuring a project brief and key activities are prepared and issued to the project
    team (provision of suitable management arrangements)
  • Ensuring other duty holders are appointed as appropriate
  • Ensure formal appointments have been made in writing (PD & PC)
  • Principal Designer (PD) and Principal Contractor (PC) carry out their duties
  • Notifying the project with the HSE (F10 form) for notifiable projects
  • Review the adequacy of the Principal Contractors Construction Phase H&S Plan
    prior to the commencement of the works.
  • Relevant information is prepared and provided to other duty holders
  • Suitable welfare facilities are provided
  • Completion of early design review


We will help you by:

  • Undertaking a GAP Analysis of the information currently available for the project
    and advise if any additional surveys / information required.
  • Produce the pre-construction information package from available information.
  • Liaison with designers to establish any significant risks identified during their
    design process.
  • Preparation of a project risk register.
  • Notification (F10) to the Health and Safety Executive (If required).
  • Generating the Draft Health and Safety File format.
  • Remote liaison with the design team, Principal Contractor and Client during the
    construction phase.
  • Review and comment upon the completed Health and Safety File for project
    once completed.

The earlier you get us involved in your project, the sooner we can ensure full compliance and avoid delays and unnecessary costs, by ensuring tasks, issues and duties are identified and addressed from the start. We can help throughout the pre-construction phase, and the construction and post-construction phases too.

Informative and interesting, delivered well while interacting with the room. Thanks
Stuart Lathan
Stuart Lathan
20. December, 2022.
It is a pleasure working with Russell, who is diligent and professional in his work.
Simon Hamilton
Simon Hamilton
8. December, 2022.
Refocus Safety were engaged to act as the PD on a large project which involved cladding of a warehouse roof. The PCID was issued very quickly with the level of detail which allowed us to develop a CPP in plenty of time. this was approved with no issues. At all times during the project the PD & I were in constant communication to ensure that the project was coming along safely. Information was shared at convenient times and, at the end of the project the PD was keen to ensure that we had relayed all the neccessary paperwork to him which allowed Refocus Safety to complete their own paperwork. Russell Blythe showed great professionalism at all times, made sure that all the documentation was in order and, was prepared to change/alter any paperwork when it was neccessary. We look forward to engaging with Refocus safety again in the future.
steve tate
steve tate
14. February, 2022.
Professional, informative and responsive are very fitting words to describe the level of service received from Russell and his team at refocus. Always delivering to the highest standard.
danny sharp
danny sharp
14. February, 2022.
Refocus couldn't have been more accommodating. They arranged a number of site audits for and responded to all queries and questions promptly. Brilliant service
James Middleton
James Middleton
14. February, 2022.



Appointing a PD as early as possible, ensures health and safety is firmly embedded in the project from the start, and that the Regulations are fully complied with.


Retained H&S Services

Is your construction company seeking expert Health and Safety guidance? In pursuit of SSIP accreditation, do you require a skilled external Health and Safety (H&S) advisor?



Refocus Safety Ltd can help companies fulfil their duties by offering individual Principal Contractor Support packages.



Independent site health and safety inspections are a crucial part of any construction project’s overall health and safety arrangements.


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